North Tuddenham 3rd March 2019

Dig on 50 acres plus another 30 acres if needed. On grass and just drilled fields in Roman/Saxon Area, part of 750 acre site, which will allow us to return more than once.....
NCMD card/receipt required, headphones to be worn, holes neatly filled. No catering or toilets sorry. Scrap taken in your finds bag. Hoards or items covered by the treasure act must be declared to the admin (Hiviz) team, and value shared 50/50 with landowner. NMCD members please read the risk assessment here: Attend this dig at your own risk, we/landowner cannot accept any liability for injury, loss etc. NCMD membership required to cover your liability. Please don't arrive before 08:45. GL HH people!

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Diss 24th Feb 2019

UPDATE: A great day was had by all, many finds, see video below.....

50 Acres of pasture 3 miles from Diss IP22 - un-detected not far from Saxon Gold find and a Bronze Age Spearhead I found. £20 per head PAY ON THE DAY. 9.30am to 16:00. NCMD or FID membership required. All holes to be backfilled with grass on top or you will be asked to leave. Headphones to be worn. Sorry No Toilets, bring your own refreshments.

Good luck everyone, nothing guaranteed, not been detected before, so you never know what might come up!

Join the group here: if you don't use Facebook please create a ticket via contact us above.

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The Cscope CS1MX is a motion detector running at 17khz. Although it is the 1st motion detector in the Cscope range it should not be underestimated. It is very capable and will find thin sectioned silver and gold hammered coins easily. Just check out the videos below, it gives the Deus a run for it's money, and I'm not joking.

The CS1MX costs £169 and the Deus ranges from £699 to £1200 plus.....