1. Just a post about my side of the pink wellies dig as I have been blocked and zoe is just going hell for leather writing what she likes and people are believing her. If anyone was on that dig and one of the 30 plus people that’s got screamed at and kicked off the dig or the loads of people in the car park you will all know I was telling the truth as you were there. I was the one who got started on because I was the only one who tried to explain that we didn’t know we wasn’t allowed on a certain field.
    Anyone who seen what happened knows full well I am telling the truth the only reason I can think of that nobody is opening their mouths is that they don’t want to get banned from digs but the way her and her other half are I don’t understand why you would want to go on any more.
    Anyone who knows me knows full well I wouldn’t just go on a field we wasn’t allowed on and then start kicking off when I got told to get off its ridiculous to even think that. I went over to ask zoe if she was shouting someone of shouting us all in general and she went mental and started calling me and everyone else all the names under the sun and to go home.
    it all kicked off even worse because I said if I have to leave I want a refund as I have done nothing wrong she went even more mental and flew at me like she was going to hit me. then her other half started calling me a c@nt and offering me out telling me to “come over here I wanted to have a go” so I walked over still explaining that none of us knew and he grabbed his shovel out of the van.
    Be all and end all is anyone who was there and seen it knows this is the truth but zoe has twisted it to be the other way round and blocked me so I cant have my say and nobody else is speaking up with the truth.
    I did post on pink wellies having a pop at them both which I was quite within my right to do after what happened but I haven’t made any groups up (although I did get added to one) to have a go at them its all a pack of lies and like I say anyone who knows me will know I am not like that I just wish someone filmed it all and on the off chance someone did feel free to send me the video and ill post it up as it will prove what I am saying and that she is a complete liar. sorry if this causes any problems posting on here but I have been blocked from pink wellies so I cant have my say back.

    • This is a recurring theme on the Pink Wellies site, if you dare to speak up or upset Zoe, or maybe say something she doesn’t like or understand, she will send a barrage of insults and threats to the person then block them.
      Then of course she will delete her comments and start chest thumping on why the person has been ejected from the group, and usually alongside a made up story that makes her look good.

      Needless to say, quite a lot of people have been booted off the site recently, some for just asking questions on how valid the pink wellies credentials were on the covid self distancing on the rally, but the main reasons were for people asking for a refund, and also when the muck started to hit the fan on the group, if you were friends with anybody she seemed a threat, you were also booted out of the group.

      I would also like to note, that a professional group that like to look after and care for the well being of a group, should not do it’s laundry inline for the world to see.

      And knowing what I know now, it makes me suspicious of all that happened on the group and the reasons they gave for ousting people.

    • It’s great to hear this, as this is not what we were told on the day.
      She loves to twist it all to her own favour.

      Thanks for letting us know 👍

      • I seemed to get on with Kliane , but zoe seemed nice , hmm short lived , because i stuck for my friend i had a big fallout with klaine and Zoe i wanted to no the charity , kliane replay i dont want to be nosey , . he was scamming to line his pockets with wealth ,. they broke rules on convid . and events , shouted at people for common mistakes , and they gave paying punters pure shit , for hardly a good reason ,.

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