The Nokta Triple Score metal detector is getting rave reviews. Built around the Legend, it is noted that the menus and features are easier to use than the Legend.

It has great recovery speed and un-masking abilities.

The Pro Pack Triple score comes with ATPX wireless headphones and a extra sniper coil and is great value for money at £469 or less, well I paid £444 for mine from Spinadisc as I signed up to their £25 off free membership.

 Here are some Triple Score videos:

Is Nokta mad? £469 for a 2 coil + wireless headphones detector package with amazing performance!

A complete tutorial for the brand new Nokta Triple Score metal detector. Whether you've never used a metal detector before or if you are an experienced user I will help break down every setting and feature the Triple Score has to offer to maximize your treasure hunting experience! This user guide will also be effective if you own the previous Score or Double Score metal detector since those machines use the exact same interface and just have less features and settings as the Triple Score.

A look and walkthrough of the menu & features of the new NOKTA TRIPLE SCORE.

This is the absolute reality of metal detecting. live digs, listening to the tones of the Triple score from Nokta Detection Technologies. I find myself on old land everywhere near me, but sometimes the great finds just don't pop out. Brian from ‎@silver-assassin508  did well today while we were out digging, so be sure to please head over to his channel and check it out! ‎@NoktaEngineering  This machine performed well and felt great! There is a ton of iron in these woods and this machine did great at separating targets. I may have dug a lot of junky targets but I didn't dig much iron at all!

THE ULTIMATE NOKTA TRIPLE SCORE SET-UP based on over 300 COMBINED TEST RESULTS. With all of the hard work being completed, all as you have to do is watch the video with your Nokta Triple Score in hand, and set it up! You cant get much more refined as this - invested hours getting things just right, and here are the results. Combining real live field testing at some of the most intense iron infested sites around, while adding additional test bed testing, leaves users with an INCREDIBLE MACHINE that is capable of finding some extremely deep coins and relics - and it's all rolled into a light weight and waterproof housing. The Nokta Triple Score is literally like having the very best of any metal detector, all rolled into one - AND AT ONE OF THE VERY BEST OF THE BEST PRICE POINTS ANYWHERE IN THE MARKET TODAY. The Nokta Triple Score comes highly rated - and this statement is supported by hours of testing and over 300 combinations field tests. Well done Nokta!

Triple Score Relic Mode - Nokta Score 3 - Very Deep Feature | Metal Detecting

A look at the unmasking capability of the Triple Score and Minelab Xterra Elite.