By attending our dig you & anyone that arrives with or accompanies you, agree to these terms....

Follow PAS guidelines: https://finds.org.uk/getinvolved/guides/codeofpractice

All holes must be filled neatly and scrap taken away.

All attendees to wear finds bag for scrap.

All attendees must wear headphones.

Please respect other attendees personal space and avoid un-necessary contact if possible, despite covid regulations being relaxed. 

Any finds deemed as treasure must be declared to the organiser/FLO and value shared 50/50 with the landowner.

It is advisable to have NCMD or FID insurance in case of accident or damage.

The organiser does not accept any loss of life/injury or damage to vehicles or other attendees personal belongings whilst on site.

Attendees must vacate site at 16:00 sharp and not arrive before 08:00.

Attendees bringing guests/family/friends must add their names on the online registration form.

For emergencies call 999.

Have a good day!